Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The occasional blogger

That's what I feel like! I get up in the morning and have good intentions for how my day will go, and somehow I get lost in details. The end result... I forget to blog!

Yesterday my new Celtic shuttles from Meng's Crafts came in the mail. I'm looking forward to trying these new beauties!

I did a little experimenting with size 40 thread. Some of the coin beads I purchased are much thinner than the glass gems I've been using. I changed the stitch count for the first round to 5-5-5-5 for the rings and 9-1--1-9 for the chains. For round 2 I changed the ring count to 7-7-7, and the chains to 10. It's a little snug, but I think it the size 40 works better for these thinner beads. The shuttle is one of my new ones from Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design. Rita's shuttles seem to sell as fast as she posts them. The good news is, she takes orders!

I got a little further with Renulek's Wiosna 2017. Round 6 has now been posted!

Progress! Each square motif in my sister-in-law's runner means progress to me!

I don't see much tatting ahead today. I'm subbing for music, so I will be having fun singing and dancing with little kids! Luckily, they don't care that I'm off key when I sing or that I look goofy dancing. 😊


  1. Do you have plans for some celtic tatting? I've just scribbled myself directions for round 6. I hope you have a happy singing day!

  2. Great shuttles!! :)
    Pretty Ice Drop!! :)
    Your doily is beautiful!!! :)
    Your runner is making good progress!! :)

  3. Beautiful post. Rita's shuttles look wonderful in all of your photos -- I hadn't heard of Meng shuttles until you made mention on a previous post. Celtic ones look stunning! Beautiful tatting! The runner is looking GREAT.

  4. Those Celtic shuttles look lovely, I wonder what you are planning nèxt
    Love that pansy shuttle, loveky ice drop,
    Another motif the runner is growing nicely and the mat is looking lovely


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