Tuesday, June 11, 2019

All keyed up

The family has arrived! Joanne and her three little ones arrived about 2:30 in the afternoon. My sister and her grandchildren arrived around 7:30. I really didn't think I'd have time to tat, but I did.

After my first successful key experience, I decided to try one with beads. The girls loved this one. How can you go wrong with pink and beads for little girls?

Janko wanted to see one in blue, his favorite color. Of course I complied!

The girls spent the evening playing dress-up with Abby's princess dresses. My goal is to finish a sparkly Ice Drop necklace for each of them before my sister heads home tomorrow. We'll see how the day goes!


  1. Those keys look wonderful!!! :)
    And I love the Ice Drop with the pretty center!!! :)

  2. The beads work very well with the keys, clever! Enjoy the company.

  3. You are now an embellishment addict...welcome to the club.

  4. Ooohhh....I love the beads on the keys. So elegant looking. Both would be beautiful pendants. I hope you have fun with the family.

  5. Love your keys it so fun and pretty fast to tat up too!and where do you find the sparkly for the drop its fabulous?!

  6. Hope you make a pattern, that is such a cool. Idea😎

    1. It's just 3 double stitches, 3 beads, repeat ending with three double stitches. The hardest part was learning how to tat over a cabone ring, and it turns out to be very simple! I watched a few YouTube videos.

  7. Now that the keys have dropped into your lap, will you drop the ice drops ;-P (my feeble attempt at a tongue twister!) Waiting for the next stage of the key embellishment

  8. Love the keys that you and Carollyn are embellishing!


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