Monday, December 16, 2019


Blogger still isn't working properly for me. I can't post comments on blogs I visit. I can't sign in properly. I've probably spent four or five hours trying every idea suggested on various forums. For now, I am frustrated and giving up. Luckily, Christmas preparations have lifted my spirits!

The ravioli is made, all 500+. They're in the freezer, ready for Christmas Eve.

I made the filling on Friday night, and Dave and Carol worked on ravioli on Saturday, making over 300. Dave finished making the rest on Sunday. It's a lot of work, but we all enjoy it!

While Dave and Carol worked on ravioli, I worked on decorating. We added garland over the front window. Dave wants to add lights and ornaments, but I'm not sure either of us has the energy to add anything else!

This is Dave's favorite tree. We've always had it in the sunroom in the past, but we both like its new home.

Dave wasn't happy with the drape of the garland going up the stairs, so he re-did it last weekend.

Carol helped me get the Christmas pillows and blankets out. I don't think there will be much snuggling under blankets this year. It looks like the temperatures are going to be pretty mild, and a house full of people will warm things up quickly!

This side of the dining room isn't very bright, but we have time to figure out some more lighting.

I love my grandfather clock! It was a gift from my dad for my 50th birthday. Clocks are one of our family traditions. I remember spending hours watching Grandpa Green working on watches on a Sunday afternoon. Grandpa built clocks for each of his children, and the are family treasures.

We relocated the red Christmas trees this year. This side of the dining room looks very patriotic!

We went a little overboard on sunroom decorations this year, and I love it! Dave had some ladder parts that he put together to help display some of our Christmas houses.

Dave loves putting up Christmas trees, and when the grandchildren come, the go around the house and count how many are on display. Sometime this week, Dave and I are going to have to go around and count so that we have an accurate count!

Our friends Gus and Irene gave us two strands of LED lights. I love they way they brighten up the room.

Dave usually decorates the big tree in the sunroom with just balls and lights. I kind of highjacked his decorating this year. I wanted to put out all the ornaments. When everyone is here, the grandchildren will get to choose Christmas decorations from Grandma's and Grandpa's house. They will each have their own ornament boxes. I think it will be great fun. Unfortunately, we didn't have places for all of the ornaments, so a couple of bins will have to come up from the basement when we go through the house choosing. Yes, we are on Christmas overload!

This is the corner where I usually sit when we gather in the sunroom.

This is Dave's corner. We do feel like Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus in this room!

Rita Richmond had some adorable Tattika the Tatting Fairy Christmas ornaments for sale this year.

I couldn't decide on which color, so I purchased one of each.

My two youngest granddaughters are really into fairies and unicorns, so I'm pretty sure two of these ornaments will have new homes this Christmas.

I finished knitting my cowl this weekend. I'll wash and block it this morning.

The little trees needed tree toppers, so I crocheted these adorable Granny Square Stars over the weekend. Two joined together make great light weight tree toppers. It doesn't show in the picture, but there is a silver thread intertwined with the white that adds a little sparkle. I made several last year, but I could only find one. Luckily, I have plenty of yarn in the house!


  1. Wow !!! Speechless 💕💕💕💕

    1. I give Dave the credit. If it were up to me, we'd have one tree up and nutcrackers on display. He really gets into the decorating!

  2. There's never too many Christmas decorations! Beautiful

    1. I can't believe we still have two bins of Christmas decorations in the basement!

  3. My mind is totally boggled! Each photo is as if it's from a magazine, featuring about eight different homes!

    - Did you create the lovely angel in the frame? It appears to be filet crochet.
    - That clock is magnificent! Everyone loves 'grandfathers clocks', but yours really is made by your grandfather!
    - Please tell me you leave the trees decorated and simply store them that way. I have a feeling you take all the ornaments down.
    - And speaking of storage - where in the world do you store everything?

    Your grandchildren must think they are at the North Pole! What wonderful memories for them - and you! I know you've decorated before, but this is really something!

    Also, the thought of having to make 500 ravioli would do me in! I'm sure they will be appreciated by all!

    1. Haha! I look around and I can't believe we managed to get all of this decorating done and we cleaned the house as we went along!

      Yes, I crocheted the angel years ago. The pattern was from the preview issue of Threadneedle Street, a magazine that was only in publication for a year or two. Mom had all of the issues bound into one hardcover book that is now on my bookshelf.

      This clock wasn't made by my grandfather. It came from a clock store that was just a block or so from my parents' home in Fairhope, AL. We won't window shopping one day, and Dad took not of what I liked and didn't like. He then surprised me with a clock that had every element I liked! My sister Janet has the one that Grandpa made for his house.

      No, we don't put the trees away decorated. Everything comes down and is boxed away for the next year. Dave puts plastic bags over the trees to keep them clean. Then everything goes on shelves in the basement.

      The grandkids do get a kick out of everything. Their biggest thrill is counting all the trees!

      I'm sure you'll understand why ravioli making only takes place once a year!

  4. Fantastic! I think that Santa lives with you! Trying to work out how many lights you have? Thank you for sharing your marvellous home with the world!

    1. Yup... Santa Dave lives here! I don't think I want to know how many lights there are. I haven't taken pictures of the outside of the house yet!

  5. Your house looks so festive and fun! Just like you!

  6. Oh wow!!! Your house at Christmas is my dream spot!!! Now if Richard would catch the Christmas spirit like your hubby!! ;)
    Everything looks so beautiful!!! :)
    Can't wait to see your cowl!
    Great little tree toppers!! I can see the sparkle when I enlarge the picture!! ;)

  7. Your home is beautifully decorated! So many trees.


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