Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ending the year on a good note

We have had a wonderful time with family for the past week and a half, and now it's time to begin thinking of what we want to do in the new year.

We had so much fun Christmas Eve! The guys all received stocking caps, which appear to be way too tight on them.

The kids all received gnomes, which generated quite a bit of laughter!

The adult girls all received fleece lined Christmas socks... way too warm for me, but the girls loved them!

Christmas Day was beautiful and warm. Daughter Alison took this picture of the sunrise.

The day after Christmas, Dave and I headed down to visit Mom in Alabama. We had a beautiful view of Mobile Bay from the dining area of the motel.

Dave was eager for an alligator sighting. It didn't happen, and I think he was pretty disappointed.

We had a wonderful three days with Mom. We did some shopping, ate out more than we should have, and helped Mom dispose of a whole lot of things she no longer wanted. One of the staff members was kind enough to take our picture before we headed for home yesterday.

I did manage to tat two Ice Drops while visiting with family.

I worked on this cowl on the way to Mom's.

I worked on this cowl on the way home from Mom's.

My shuttle collection is growing, especially with the ones I can't resist from Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design!

Dave and I like to take our time undecorating the house, and we don't officially start until the day after New Year's Day. However, I have the itch to start a new batch of Ice Drops. So I boxed up the ones I have left from this past year. They're all ready for sharing next year. My shuttles are wound for 2020, and I hope to come up with some new designs.

Going through Mom's things with her, and spending time organizing my craft supplies has inspired me to start using up supplies that I have. It will be fun to see what I can create in the coming year!


  1. Wow!!! Looks like an awesome Christmas and family time!!! :)
    Beautiful things, cowls, Ice Drops, and awesome shuttles!!! :)
    Have a blessed New Year!!! :)

  2. Your pictures look great and Lovely family too Happy New Year to you😊

  3. What a marvellous Christmas you all had, especially the time you spent with your Mother.Thank you for sharing the photographs.
    A Happy New Year to you and all your family.

  4. What a wonderful christmas you had, thank you for sharing the photos
    I wish you and your family a very happy New Year

  5. Hope the festivities, the happiness, the creativity continues right through 2020 and more 💕

  6. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!
    Happy New Year Diane!


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