Sunday, February 28, 2021


I forgot to blog again last night. As I was snuggling down for the night, I suddenly realized that I hadn't blogged. Too late! There was no way I was leaving the coziness of my bed!

I didn't blog on Friday, because I didn't do anything other than read. I finished the murder mystery trilogy that I was reading. As I mentioned before, it was enough to hold my interest, but the foul language and detailed "love" scenes were not to my liking. When I finished the trilogy, all I could think of was the implausible plot twists that made the story confusing at times. I can't believe that the characters would make some of the choices they did, especially the ones that led to the final major scene.

On to better things!

Yesterday we had a Tollway Tatters Zoom meeting! I think there were eight of us this time, including my new tatting friend Ines from Germany. Bernice joined us from Canada. We had a great time showing off what we were tatting. Like any group of ladies that gets together, the conversation flitted from one topic to another. For once, I managed to truly accomplish during our meeting.

I finished round 7 of Renulek's Spring 2021 doily!


  1. Your spring doily is looking lovely, I am not joining in as I want to do some thing else. perhaps next year

  2. Wonderful that Zoom extends the places your tatters come from! Ah, I like having you ahead on the doily so I can see where I’ll be going next.

  3. It's beautiful!! :)
    You managed to accomplish because you didn't chat as much. ;) I am so glad that people are "coming" and joining us even though we can't meet in person yet. ;)


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