Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Maybe it's the snow...


Island Breeze certainly makes me think of the tropics. Maybe I'm secretly ready for the snow to melt so that Spring can come to Illinois. I don't think it will happen any time soon. We're expecting frigid temps through the weekend. 

The colors in this thread certainly are cheerful, and quite different from the winter wonderland I can see from my tatting chair!


  1. Those are super beautiful!!! :)
    You did it!!! Guess what color I am using??? Yep! It goes well with mermaids and I have a special tatted mermaid project which I have to design. I will show it if it materializes. ;)

  2. They’ll certainly brighten a wintry day!

  3. I watched a fiery sunrise from my tatting chair this morning! It should be a warmer day, but chilly night. The squid boats are heading out each night. Now, that's a job to chill the hands!!


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