Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day!


My goal yesterday was to tat Button Love Heart from Button Jar Tatting by Martha Ess, and I did it! It looks complicated, but Martha's step-by-step directions (written and diagrammed) were so clear that I had no problems at all.

Sometimes, it takes me forever to try something new. Instead of picking up my shuttles and tatting, I look over the patterns and get overwhelmed by what I'm looking at. More often than not, if I just find something I like and get right to it, everything works out fine. Even trying new techniques isn't bad, as long as I don't think about them too long!

I received some gorgeous buttons from a new tatting friend yesterday. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my brain right now! The buttons came pressed into a piece of foam board. Wasn't that a clever idea? I'm really eager to see what I can do with the domed buttons. What will these beauties become? Time will tell!


  1. Beautiful heart, and happy valentines day to you too
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your buttons

  2. Beautiful heart! Happy Valentine's to you!

  3. That's the beauty of the TIAS, Diane. You commit to it without really knowing what you're going to find ahead. Then when you get there there's time to mull it over and research (or even ask) about the problem.

    1. You are so right, Jane! I have learned a great deal from your TIAS projects, and I am very happy that you decided to revive it this year!

  4. Wow, the heart has turned out beautifully. Yes, sometimes it’s best not to overthink things, just do it!

  5. Your heart is awesome!!! :)
    I will be watching to see what you do with your new buttons! ;)


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