Friday, December 31, 2021


We celebrated Christmas and the New Year with Dave's sister and brother-in-law yesterday. We always have a great time together, and yesterday was no exception.

They loved their gifts! Mom knit a June Shawl by Lisa Overby in a beautiful sea foam green. This is the shawl pattern that Mom and I used for all our Christmas gifts. 

Larry is modeling his scarf that Mom wove in Patons Kroy sock yarn. The color is Woodsie. We had great fun knitting and weaving for Christmas this year, but I don't think we'll ever put that kind of pressure on ourselves again!

Even though we were gone for about eight hours yesterday, I did manage to get a little crafting done. I finished a skein of gray on my Granny afghan. I enjoy working with the Granny pattern. It's so easy to pick up for even a few minutes.

I also finished another Dorset button ornament for my project idea. There's not much thread left on the spool of DMC Diamant. I'm pretty sure I can only get one more ornament out of it. That's okay... I have lots of thread stashed around the house!


  1. You are your mum did amazingly in creating all those gifts! I’m sure they were appreciated.

    1. Yes, they were. However, we will not wait until Thanksgiving to get started for next year!

  2. Wow!! Great family time!!! :)
    Your afghan is looking great!! :)
    Love the Dorset button!! :)
    Is that DMC Diamant rough on the hands?? I am guessing not since you continue to use it. Is it available in regular stores(Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's)?? Just wondering. ;)

    1. The Diamant is not as hard on my hands as the Liz Metallic. I found it on Amazon. I really don't go out shopping much.


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