Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Family fun


We had a wonderful family weekend! Daughter Joanne and family visited on their way home from Georgia where they had gone on vacation. I didn't think to take many pictures, but we had fun putting together new porch furniture for the wedding. We ate too much food, and I enjoyed lots of snuggles!

It's funny how you look at things differently when you know a big event is coming up. Our shed was looking very faded and sad, definitely in need of a good power wash! So, Last week Dave pulled out the power washer and set to work.

Carol came over to help out. She applied the blue stain, and Dave applied the red. It looks so much better! Last year, Dave and my brother repaired the west side of the roof, with plans to do the east side this year. That will have to wait until after the wedding. At that time, Dave plans to re-side the east side of the shed, the side showing in this picture. It doesn't look too bad, but some of the boards are rotting at the bottom. 

At times it seems like a lot of work, but we sure are enjoying sprucing up the place in anticipation of the wedding!


  1. Your porch is so roomy, pretty and relaxing! I remember the time I fell asleep on it, lol.
    That deeper color of blue on the freshly painted shed looks great!

    1. Thanks, Marilee! Maybe we can all meet on the porch again some day!

  2. It’s good to have a reason to spruce things up!

  3. The shed looks great!! :)
    Family time is more priceless than ever these days!! :)
    ~Sue(Tatting Lace in Grace)

  4. Hey, Diane! It’s been ages! I’ve had multiple life threatening medical issues so my blogs are not well maintained. But, I still have your blog linked on mine. Anyway…
    Due to pretty severe arthritis in my hands, and declining vision due to age + health, I’ve given up tatting. It’s just too hard and not fun anymore.
    I am currently organizing all my various thumb drives and I came across one where I had a ton of tatting information- mostly charts. I won’t use it again so I wondered if you wanted me to forward it, in case there might be something of interest there.
    Let me know- teresakozempel@gmail.com
    My blog of old was Tilting at Windmills. That’s long gone, replaced several times, and currently Now That I Am Old.
    Hope you are doing well- it certainly appears so. Best wishes!


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