Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Let it snow! Day 11

Here's another version of Doodad Snowflake #3, only this one has no doodad! I like the look of this one, but I still prefer having the doodad in the center. The snowflake seems to hold its shape better, and I like that little bit of added weight.


  1. well I just went out and bought doodads today, you convinced me and it's as fun as buttons! :)

  2. I used your snowflake (this one) for my first day of the snowflake countdown to Christmas this year. I love this snowflake and the ones I made for my table always disappear first. Thanks for giving me permission to sell them last year.

  3. You are creating a bit of a flurry with your snowflakes. I've got plans to use a doodad in my next flake, hope it turns out well. That little bit of extra weight helps them hang pretty.


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