Monday, December 9, 2013

Let it snow! Day 9

This is Doodad Snowflake #3 (see tab above for pattern). This is one of my favorites because of the Josephine rings. I love Josephine rings!

My third grade girls finished reading the Craftsy article I wrote about tatting shuttles. They asked if there was anything else they could read, so I brought up my blog. They loved seeing all the snowflakes, and they asked if there was any way to see who was reading my blog. I took them to the stats page, and they were fascinated! They asked if they could come back tomorrow to read more, and they asked if they could read my blog at home. I think I'll be putting some tatting kits together over the Christmas break. I'm having so much fun with my young tatting enthusiasts!


  1. Oh wonderful! It's so exciting to read about these young enthusiasts!

  2. 580The girls are in for a thrill. Learning from such a great tatter!!!
    (They already know of the beautiful things that you have made.) I'm sure they can't wait to start their lessons.

  3. Ah, Diane, they'll learn so quickly! You all will have a ball!
    Katie V in NC

  4. yes, that is one of my favorite ones too!

  5. That snowflake looks wonderful!! :)

  6. I like the Josephine rings on that snowflake -- actually, I'm with you, I like Josephine rings! It's great you've infected some youngsters with the tatting bug. I hope they keep the fever for a long, long time!


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