Saturday, December 21, 2013

Let it snow! Day 21

This is Doodad Snowflake #6. It's the same clover pattern as Doodad Snowflake #5 with the chains facing the opposite direction. The chains look a little wonky on this one. I was trying to use up thread on my shuttles, and I wound up having to join thread three times. That's something I'll keep in mind for future snowflakes!

I didn't really have much time to tat today. I spent the morning wrapping Christmas presents. Friends came for lunch. Daughter Joanne and family arrived from Minnesota late afternoon. Although we've been very busy, I am completely enjoying this holiday season!


  1. This looks great! I have some long-neglected doodads that I'm going to put into action this weekend, so thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Great little snowflakes all!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Diane!
    Fox : )

  3. Looks great.I like the chains in that direction. Adding in thread slows you down - have to weigh which is more important, time or thread!

  4. Another lovely snowflake, and great idea about the chains, gives this snowflake yet another different look.

  5. Oh wow that is fun to see both of them and I like the lighting used on this one too!

  6. That snowflake looks very nice!! :)


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