Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let it snow! Day 14

Today I tatted Doodad Snowflake #4. I do like my little snowflake patterns. That may sound a bit egotistical, but I like them because they're so quick to tat, leaving me time for my doily!

We had a beautiful 4" snow overnight, which really helped put me in the Christmas spirit. I love nutcrackers, and this year they're standing at attention at my living room window.

My grandchildren love choosing a nutcracker to take home with them. These are the ones they can choose from this year. My grandson plays soccer, so I'm hoping he chooses the soccer nutcracker. It's certainly not a run-of-the-mill nutcracker!


  1. Your snowflakes are wonderful!! :) I am not a fan of nutcrackers, but those are pretty awesome!! :)

  2. And a doodad in a pear tree...

    Looks lovely!

  3. love your doodad snow flakes I have done several and will post them later it's fun. Also We have a shelf of nutcrackers too! I don't give them away yet but what a cute idea, you are a fun grandma!

  4. Love the nutcrackers! Yes, it's good to be able to tat quick tats sometimes, especially when you have a big project on the go as well.

  5. Another lovely snowflake,
    I have never heard of the nutcrackers, we don't have them in the UK at least I have never seen them before, your grand children must love your house and take one home I am sure they have some great collections.
    We have high winds and rain plus it's very dark and tot tat I will definitely need a light on. 4inches of snow the UK would grind to a halt.

  6. What a fun collection of nutcrackers you have and even more fun to let your grandchildren take one home. Traditions are wonderful. Beautiful tatted snowflakes...every singe one of them with no two alike just like in real life. Merry Christmas Dear...


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