Friday, December 6, 2013

Let it snow! Day 6

Oops! I messed up following my own pattern! This is supposed to be an adaptation of Doodad Snowflake #2. I didn't notice until I was finished that all I did was tat a chain with beads every two stitches instead of tatting a chain and then having a thrown-off ring with a bead every two stitches.

Oh, well! It still looks cute, and I'm sure my pink-lovin' granddaughters will be very pleased with it!


  1. These little doo dads would look great attached to keys and or cell phone. I did that last year, it was fun

  2. Lovely snowflake, even though you made a mistake, it's still a lovely snowflake that I am sure your grand daughters will grab it.

  3. Ah well, you've just invented another variation and a very pretty one!

  4. Simply elegant! Love the little doo dad hanger.

  5. I would love to be one of your pink loving granddaughters as this snowflake is very pretty in pink. December Tatting Delights Dear...


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