Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I like me...

a lot! At least it appears so with my recent shopping spree!

I ordered some size 80 Lizbeth thread from Handy Hands. It may be hard to tell, but they're all in my favorite color... blue! The shuttle is from Shirl at Shade Tree Art. It's made from upcycled vinyl records, and I think it's really cool! Hey, Shirl... do you remember what song was on the record? I'd love to be able to hum it while I tat! ; )

I had to order some of LadyShuttleMaker's new thread, Piccadilly. And, how could I order luscious new thread without ordering a new shuttle to go with it? I hope this is one of the musical ones!

Snowy has been working on the Oeillets doily from this book, and she was kind enough to send me the Amazon link. By looking at the cover, I was able to find it at Handy Hands. I've been using Google Translate to find out what's being said... not perfect, but I'm getting the idea of what needs to be done!


  1. I makes me feel better when you shop.

  2. Love it when you shop love the shuttles and thread! Now my question to you is!!!!!!! Do you have enough shuttles yet?

  3. I have my eye on some of Sherry's HDT too! The shuttles are way cool! Lucky you!

  4. Ola! Diane
    Amiga, vim te dar um bj e dizer que também gosto muito da cor azul, ela é serena e tranquiliza.

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  6. Looks like you are set up for some neat new projects! :)

  7. Well I have no idea what the record was other than it was some kind of Not sure it's something you can humm to ...maybe dancing but then that would be a sight. Dancing and tatting is it possible? Glad you like the shuttle. :)

    You had a great shopping spree I am sitting here drooling!!!

  8. You know, I don't like to window shop... I am the type of person that goes for what I need, and then gets out!

    BUT, when it comes to craft stores (mainly: thread, shuttles, books, etc)... I am a shopping fool!!! You have to pry me away LOL!!!

    So, I started drooling when I saw all the goodies you bought... and am now inspired to hit the thread shops tomorrow (or maybe later today on my way home from work!)

    Hi, my name is Lily and I'm a Tatting shop-a-holic

  9. Retail therapy at its best! Wow!

    I'd been looking at those shuttles from vinyl records - my love of music and tatting just beg for one of those. And I drool over LadyShuttlemaker's shuttles and HDT too - and all that blue thread - my favorite color too!

    I will have to stick with decoupaged shuttles for now, darn it! I need some of that therapy ;)

  10. Love the goodies, thread, book and the upcycled shuttle. How clever. How does it tat


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