Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday was a cloudy day with occasional showers and occasional spots of sunshine. When daughter Carol left the house in the morning, she called to tell us about a beautiful double rainbow. I didn't get my camera out in time to see the double rainbow, but I did get a shot of this one. From a different angle (which I didn't get), we could see the rainbow weave in and out of the clouds, and we saw both ends of the rainbow. I love rainbows. My favorite Bible story is the story of Noah. I truly believe that no matter how tough times may get, God is watching over us, and the rainbow is a reminder of God's love for humanity.

Another rainbow arrived in the mail on Thursday... a rainbow of thread! I don't know exactly how I arrived there, but I found a deal on Sulky Blendables 100% cotton thread at It was too good to pass up. Not only did I receive over 40 spools of thread (500 yards each), I also received the carrying case... what a great way to keep my thread organized! I had received a sample of Sulky from Georgia Seitz when I ordered a new set of picot gauges (I lost my first set). There's something about a sample that leaves me feeling free to experiment! I tatted a set of Stumpy motifs for Tatted Shuttles. I loved the thread, and couldn't wait to try more! Would you like a sample? Visit the Trading Post at The Tatting Forums and find out how you can receive a free sample!


  1. Oh- so pretty!!! Does not matter if they are for tatting or needlework, there really is something about a collection of threads, isn't there?

  2. The photo reminds me of a Gainsborough landscape. I shall have to share my double rainbow photo from New Mexico…
    xx bev

  3. This is a nice story and great photo, and a clever introduction to your new thread stash and container. (Somehow you find all these 'deals'!!) It really does look like a rainbow of colors!

  4. And I am more attracted to the rug underneath!

    Did you make that yourself? I made one many many decades ago but due to wear and tear had to get rid of it :-(


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