Saturday, July 22, 2017

Denise's dozen

I finished #12 of the dozen Ice Drops I promised to make for Denise.

They're safely tucked into a bag and are ready for delivery tomorrow morning.

I'm picking up Denise bright and early tomorrow, and we'll be heading to Minnesota for Twin Cities Tatters retreat. I'm not sure if I'll make any blog posts for the next several days. I guess it depends on if I have wifi access and if I remember to take pictures!

Dave will be holding down the fort for the next several days. It ill probably be Thursday night or Friday morning when I blog again. I'm hoping to complete a lot of tatting!


  1. Have a great time tat-chatting :-)

  2. They look wonderful together like that, Denise will be delighted. Enjoy your retreat!! I'm sure Dave will manage.

  3. That was quick, they look fabulous. I am sure she will love them
    Enjoy your retreat, look forward to seeing all your tatting when you come back.

  4. Lovely dozen Ice Drops. Safe travels to Tatters Paradise. We will await your sharing.

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  6. They look wonderful together like that, Denise will be delighted.



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