Thursday, July 6, 2017

Having fun

It was a busy day around here today! We started off with a little gardening, but that didn't last long because of the heat and humidity. I know I'd never make it in the deep south!

Dave worked on our bathroom for a while. We're hoping the update will be finished by the end of the summer.

Since outside work was out of the picture, I had time to sit and tat!

I joined Alenalea Rako's mystery tat-along on Facebook. The first three rounds were presented yesterday. More will be posted each Wednesday until we are finished. I love mysteries!

I also worked on my sister-in-law's runner today. I actually spent more time untatting than tatting, because I made the same mistake at the beginning of the pattern repeat twice! It would have taken less time to snip and start over, but I stubbornly took out every little double stitch. It's about 1/4 finished, and if I would stick to my plan of tatting one motif a day, I'd have it done within a month. I guess I let myself get distracted by too many other things!

Today's Ice Drop is another red, white, and blue! 


  1. Your mystery tat-along project looks great!! :)
    Your table runner is awesome!!!! :)
    And another great Ice Drop!!! :)

  2. Your runner is coming along well. I look forward to seeing the outcome of the mystery!

  3. That is a nice start to the mystery doily !
    Good progress on the other 2 fronts, too :-)

  4. I printed out the pattern but have not started it yet, looks interesting. Your colours look lovely together for the doily
    Beautiful ice drop,
    Your sister in laws runner is looking good.


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