Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bloomin' Ice Drop

I couldn't post yesterday. I was too busy designing another Ice Drop! Honestly, I was so caught up in what I was doing, I didn't realize it was dinner time. Luckily, I had leftovers that warmed up quickly!

As I was working on my Spring Garden Ice Drop the other day, I got to thinking about how I could adapt it.

And now my little Spring Garden has bloomed!

Copy and past doesn't work very well with Blogger, but I still haven't figured out how to attach a PDF to my blog, so copy and paste will have to do:

Bloomin’ Ice Drop 2 shuttle pattern
Materials: 3/4” glass gem, size 20 Lizbeth thread (approximately 8 yards on shuttle 1, 4 yards on shuttle 2), two shuttles, 12” ribbon for hanger (optional)
vsp = very small picot --- = long picot

Round 1:
  •  Ring 4 vsp 4---4 vsp 4, reverse work.
  •  Chain 6 vsp 6, reverse work.
  •  Ring 4+4+4 vsp 4, reverse work.
  •  Continue creating rings and chains in this manner until there are 6 rings and 6
  •  sections of chain. On last ring, last picot is a join to the first picot of the first ring.
  •  Lock join last chain to base of first ring.
  •  Do NOT reverse work.

    Round 2:
  •  Chain 9, reverse work.
  •  Ring: 6+6, joining to vsp in chain on round 1, reverse work. Switch shuttles.
  •  Ring: 4-4. Switch shuttles. Do not reverse work.
  •  Chain 7, switch shuttles. Do not reverse work.
  •  Ring: 6-1--1-6, switch shuttles. Do not reverse work.
  •  Chain 7, reverse work.
  •  Ring: 6+6, joining to same vsp in chain on round 1 as first ring, reverse work.
  •  Switch shuttles
  •  Ring: 4-4. Switch shuttles. Do not reverse work.
  •  Chain 9, lock join to base of next ring.
     Do NOT reverse work.
    Continue in pattern to complete 6 pattern repeats. Reverse work.

After round 2, the piece should look similar to this. This is a good time to set the shape with a steam iron. I put my tatting between to layers of clean terry cloth wash cloths.

Round 3:
  •  Ring 6-6-6 (very small picots). Fold ring away from you toward center of work.
  •  Chain 8, lock join to base of next ring on round 1. Fold ring back up for joining
  •  next ring.
  •  Ring 6+6-6, joining to second picot of first ring. Fold rings away from you toward
  •  center of work.
  •  Continue in this manner until 5 rings and chains have been completed.

  •  On the sixth ring, 6+6, slip glass gem into place, join ring to first picot of first ring,
  •  6 ds. Hold domed side of glass gem away from you.
  •  Chain 8, lock join to base of first ring on round 1.

    Cut, tie, and hide ends. Use 12” of ribbon to create hanger or tat a hanger. 


  1. I love that new design!!! :)
    Someone on another blog or somewhere online had posted about how to make PDFs from your page. I post it on my blog then type in the URL(address) and it makes a PDF, so it might help you too(just don't try to make it from facebook, it doesn't come out well). :)

    1. I tried it for you and here is what came out(looks great to me). :)

  2. This is not only a wonderful larger design for an ice drop, but also an excellent snowflake pattern on its own! You're turning into quite the designer!

    I like the fact that you do the 'capturing' of the gem at the very end, and it provides a secure hold on the gem. Thanks for the pattern! I had no problem cutting and pasting into a Word document!

  3. Thank you so much for this new design :) It's gorgeous!

  4. This is beautiful !!! A 'snowflake' on an ice drop - perfect :-)))
    I think you know how to convert a document to pdf, right ? The software itself generates a url - if you look at the address line after conversion. You can use this, or generate your own by saving the pdf in Google Drive, then clicking on 'share' (the silhouette icon), choose the top option there (it's for general viewing; the lower one is for limited, invited viewing); it generates a url. Click on Copy to Clipboard. Then paste this in your Word file to use as url in your blog.
    Once you have the url, it's a simple matter of adding the link to the text as you would for any other url when blogging.
    Does this help or is it something else altogether ?

  5. this is lovely and I know that when you come up with a design it is always spectacular I love everything about it!

  6. P.S. thank you for the pattern!
    hugs from Carollyn

  7. That's a very pretty pattern Diane - lovely shape!

  8. I love the spring garden ice drop, it's certainly has bloomed into something gorgeous,thanks for sharing the pattern

  9. That's so pretty! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Some day I'm going to join the ice drop craze.

  10. Beautiful Spring Garden Ice Drop! If only I could learn shuttle tatting. Your tatting is so very perfect! <3


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