Sunday, July 30, 2017


I've felt inspired since the Twin City Tatters retreat, and I really think I'm ready to get on a roll. and not just with tatting!

First thing this morning, I finished up the band I had on my Shining Glen loom. I think this may be my best band so far. The patterns seems nice and even for the entire length, and my width is nice and consistent. I meant to warp my new loom today, but I just ran out of time.

I used up the Green Coral Sea that was on my shuttles to make this Ice Drop. I think the white glass gem and ribbon really mute the colors, where the green glass gem seemed to brighten up the thread. Still, I think it's pretty.

I have many more things I want to work on. Cindy made beautiful Origami/Dorset bags for all of us attending the retreat. Cindy makes the bags slightly differently than I do, and I'm eager to try her method. The tutorial I follow uses some hand sewing. Cindy's method is all done by machine, and I'm eager to try it.

I'm also ready to start weaving bags to go with the bands I've been making. My loom is all set up, and I have my bobbins wound. All I need to do is spend a little time in my sewing room.

Why is there so little time? 😉


  1. Beautiful band. Please send me the bag directions if they are in print.

  2. I love this band too! I feel inspired too!

  3. Your retreat is paying dividends, though it could hardly be said that you were a slouch before the retreat! I like the combination of white gem and Green Coral Sea and your band is really splendid.

  4. Beautiful band! I think your bands would complement a mochila bag very nicely ;)
    I love origami bags too. Seeing all the fabulous bags in your previous posts made me feel like making some more :) With a sewing machine???? Interesting!

  5. You certainly make the most of your time! I've lost track of your different looms! How many do you have? I wish I had your energy! The retreat was very productive, too! Glad you all had a great time!

  6. The retreat did you good, certainly inspired you.
    Lovely band, beautiful ice drop
    I missed the post with bags, I look forward to seeing some new ones

  7. That band design is awesome!!!! :)
    Great Ice Drop!! :)

  8. The retreat WAS inspiring! But then again, so are YOU! Can't wait to see more of what you're working on - you're so good to share :)

  9. I love your little looms. A friend of mine who was a weaver had huge great looms for making blankets and such things. They were rather off-putting. Your looms are much friendlier!



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