Friday, July 14, 2017

Old favorites

One of the members of Tatting Shuttle Addicts on Facebook asked us to post a picture of our favorite shuttle. I couldn't choose just one. These three scrimshaw shuttles are my favorites, because they remind me of my dad. Dad loved scrimshaw, and so do I! These three beauties are from Grizzly Mountain Arts, and If I ever have to reduce my tatting shuttle collection, these will be the last to go!

It doesn't show up very well, but this Tudor Rose Ice Drop has a gold center. I have another idea for color combos that I hope to finish tomorrow at Tollway Tatters!

The bottom of my Mochila bag wasn't lying flat, so I ripped it out and started over... several times! I went back to the Facebook group and read many posts about this beginner bag. One lady said that once she changed to the medium sized bag everything went smoothly, so I decided to do the same thing. So far, so good!


  1. Fabulous Ice Drop and wonderful start to your bag!! :)
    Wonderful looking shuttles!! :)

  2. Love scrimshaw shuttles and I can see the bit of gold. Everything is lovely you do so many fun things.🦋🦋🦋

  3. The red colour is such a beautiful shade !!!
    Beautiful shuttles, too.
    Hope all goes well with the bag this time.

  4. They are really magnificent shuttles. I thought you were doing so well with the bag! I hope you have it right now, the Facebook group sounds very helpful.

  5. Truly gorgeous shuttles. I would actually have a hard time to part with any of mine even the most boring ones!!!! All have memories too as I'm an 'accidental' collector!!!

  6. Fabulous shuttles, who would want to part with such gorgeous shuttles
    Love the ice drop.


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