Friday, July 28, 2017

Twin City Tatters retreat

I have to start off by saying that this retreat was a fabulous experience! Thank you to Cindy and Michelle for organizing a wonderful, low key tatting retreat. We all had so much fun tatting, chatting, sharing ideas and supplies, and relaxing in a beautiful setting!

Where should I begin?

This was our craft room. Each of us had our own area including table, chair, trash basket, thread catcher, cup holder, and access to a surge protector. There were table Ott lights for us to use, but I found I didn't need one. The lighting was magnificent!

We didn't spend much time in the living room, but it was a nice relaxing space if anyone wanted to take a break from tatting.

The kitchen had everything we could possibly want other than food. Cindy went shopping for us, so we could have just stayed inside the whole time!

There were two full baths and a laundry area for us to use.

We each had our own twin bed, 5 in one room, 2 in another, and one single room. I slept very well!

Timberhaze Retreat is in Center City, MN, and I would recommend it to anyone for a crafting retreat.


  1. Alright - who brought the cat pillow?

    Looks like a fabulous time!

  2. Looks great, but what did you do?? ;)

  3. Looks wonderful! I look forward to hearing more about what you got up to.

  4. I'm green with envy!! Wish I lived closer.

  5. FYI: a selfie is when you take a picture of yourself (sometimes with other people). It is NOT a selfie when someone else takes a picture of you.

    1. Our group picture in the part 2 post is the selfie, not any of these, and the group photo is the only one I indicated was a selfie. No one else took the picture. Cindy and Michelle took pictures with their phones and camera. They are both in the picture. They merely rigged it up and set the timer. I think that counts as a selfie!

  6. Wonderful way to spend some quality focused time with friends and tatting enthusiasts. Looks like a very pleasant venue. Blissful Tatting Retreat. <3

  7. I've been reading back through your 3 posts - what a great gathering of skills and ideas in beautiful surroundings! Lots of lovely tatting and the bags are great :-)

  8. Looks like you had a great time and the place seems ideal!


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