Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fun filled Saturday

I finished weaving my latest band on my mini rigid heddle loom. I like this loom from Hard Maple Looms, because it fits nicely on my lap and it's perfect for my little Stoorstalka heddle.

My bands are a more consistent width. I guess lots of practice really helps!

Tollway Tatters met today, and we had a wonderful time! Denise had us in stitches, and Mary joined us for the first time.

Sue Anna worked on a pair of earrings designed by our friend Marilee Rockley. Unfortunately, I did not remember to take pictures of any projects. I barely remembered to take pictures of everyone!

Sue was able to join us this time. I think she has the longest drive, coming all the way from Michigan.

Barbara and Ana drove in from Wisconsin.

My project of the day was a Tudor Rose Ice Drop with red, white, and gold.

I think it turned out pretty good!


  1. Love that new band!!! :)
    It was so great to join everyone again!!! :) Can't wait till next time!!!!
    Love that Ice Drop!!!!!! :)

  2. An English Tudor rose, wow looks beautiful well done.
    Sounds like you had a brilliant day, I left a comment on Sues blog
    Lovely band, your bands are getting more colourful and patterns

  3. Love the red, white, gold combination. Looks as though your meeting was fun. So you sit with the loom on your lap?

  4. Always fun to see all of you so happy and I love weaving that loom is beautiful. Rose drop is perfect!

  5. Just saw pics on Sue's blog - lots of happy tatters :-)))
    The white perks up the rose drop !

  6. Ooooh, I really like this style of the ice drops quite alot!


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