Friday, September 7, 2018

Flattened Bottle Cap

I purchased and decorated flattened bottle caps from Amazon. They're 1 1/4" in diameter. I hope to have my Flattened Bottle Cap Ice Drop pattern ready tomorrow. I wish I could come up with clever names!


  1. Amazing - flattened bottle caps! Partially explains your other post (I didn't notice they were flattened in that photo), but lots of questions! This is really a surprising and clever idea! Certainly looking forward to the pattern and how you accomplished adding the decorated centers.
    The name is quite appropriate!

  2. Very pretty !
    As for name - how about something with "capped" ... capped ice drop : laced cap drop ...not much help, sorry

  3. "Ice Drop Pop Tops" no matter what you call them it's super cute and fun and you decorated them well, how was this done? ♥️😀♥️

  4. Wow, upcycling and beautiful tatting in one go, clever.


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