Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ice Drop fun

I do enjoy playing with the basic Ice Drop to see how I can vary the look without a full blown design change. This is the basic pattern with five graduated picots. The shuttle is from Pekalo Designs on Etsy. The little took is for adjusting the tips, and it works very well!

This is the basic pattern done in one pass, which eliminates the chains next to the glass gem. Most of the time, I prefer the basic pattern, but I do understand the appeal of showing more of the glass gem. The shuttle is from Grizzly Mountain Arts. I love Dave's new rose design!

Mandy Kerwell-Bez designed "Hope." She's a needle tatter from France, and her designer are marvelous! I love my little owl shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts!


  1. Interesting how small changes alter the icedrops, it is fun. I like Hope too, and those splendid shuttles. Must be fun to decide which shuttle to use too.

  2. Great Ice Drops!!! :)
    You did an awesome job on Mandy's Hope!!! :)

  3. Mandy's hope is gorgeous! Now to find a square gem.

    1. A square gem is not necessary! I used a 1/2" round button. However, I do have square gems on order! ;-)

  4. What a beautiful hope ice drop, love the colour too and the owl shuttle. Owls are one of my favourite birds.

  5. Love the shuttles, and I need more imformation on how to get this pattern for "hope"

  6. The shiny metal shuttle is unique in that there is no 'center post' or bobbin. Apparently you wind the thread around the two posts on each end that hold the shuttle together. Your photo is the only one that has thread wound on it. The Etsy photos don't show thread on them. The one with the hook is interesting, too. Polish hooks must have different numbers Looks like a USA size 12 or even a 15, which is pretty amazing. Nice workmanship.


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