Saturday, September 8, 2018

How did I do it?

First, I was asked to post a shuttle shot. Here it is! I do love my shuttles!

So, how did I do this?

First, I purchased bottle caps and flattened bottle caps on Amazon. There is a difference in the thickness, of course. I haven't played with the regular bottle caps yet. I purchased the flattened bottle caps in silver tone, and chose the colorful variety pack for the regular bottle caps.

I also purchased 1" paper rounds for decorating bottle caps. It was simple to glue the decorations to the bottle caps and then cover them with adhesive acrylic domes... all available on Amazon. Yes, I would have purchased them locally if I could, but there are no places that carry these supplies near me.

Then the flattened bottle caps were ready for tatting! I love Linda Slater Barnes' suggestion for the name... Pop Top Ice Drops. For those of you who aren't members of Ice Drop Addicts on Facebook, here's the pattern...

Pop Top Ice Drop Pattern:

Supplies: size 20 Lizbeth thread, two shuttles wound CTM, flattened bottle cap (available on Amazon, approximately 1 1/4”)

Round 1:
Ring 1: 7-7-7, reverse work
Ring 2: 7-7-7, fold away
Chain: 7-7, reverse work

*Ring 3: 7+7-7 (join to ring 1), reverse work
Ring 4: 7+7-7 (join to ring 2), fold away
**Chain: 7-7, reverse work

Repeat from * to ** 9 times (total of 10 pattern repeats), joining last two rings to first two rings. Insert cabochon before joining last ring. Do not reverse work after last chain.

Round 2:

Chain: 7-7, reverse work
Ring: 7+7 (join to picot in round 1), reverse work, switch shuttles
Ring: 7-7, do not reverse work, switch shuttles
Chain: 7-7, lock join to base of ring in round 1
Chain: 7
Split ring: 4-4/4+4 (join to picot in round 1)
Chain: 7, lock join to base of next ring in round 1

Repeat this pattern 4 times. Cut, tie, and hide ends.


  1. Love these, Diane. You are one creative lady! Thanks for your generous sharing of patterns and supply sources :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the pattern!! :)

  3. Lovely pattern, pretty shade of blue. Thank you for the pattern.

  4. Thanks for unlocking the mystery! I've been aware of the caps (even the flattened ones) and the domes, but didn't know about the paper rounds, at least not in the 1" size. I'm curious if you're going to attempt to flatten the other caps! Wonderful idea and great pattern. Also like the name!

  5. Brilliant! Thanks for showing how it was done.

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful information and pictures and pattern so very pretty😃🦋🌈🌻😁

  7. I had to read twice... flattened bottle caps? I'd never have thought of using bottle caps, let alone flattened ones! Thanks for sharing your marvellous ideas, and your pattern 😀💚🌺


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