Thursday, September 13, 2018

Silver Crowns

There's been a rash of illness at school this week, so I've spent the last two days subbing. Time away from home, means less time for tatting. However, I have had enough energy left at the end of the day to design another Ice Drop.

As I started the second round, I was reminded of the beautiful crowns worn by European royalty. This pattern is designed for Liz Metallic thread, which tats up slightly larger than size 20 Lizbeth. I do like the way this one turned out!

For those of you not on Facebook, here's the pattern:

Silver Crowns Ice Drop

Supplies: size 20 Liz Metallic thread, shuttle and ball, flattened bottle cap (available on Amazon, approximately 1 1/4”)

Round 1:
Ring 1: 6-6-6, reverse work
Ring 2: 6-6-6, fold away
Chain: 6-6, reverse work

*Ring 3: 6+6-6 (join to ring 1), reverse work
Ring 4: 6+6-6 (join to ring 2), fold away
**Chain: 6-6, reverse work

Repeat from * to ** 9 times (total of 10 pattern repeats), joining last two rings to first two rings. Insert cabochon before joining last ring. Do not reverse work after last chain.

Round 2:

Chain 9, reverse work
Ring: 3+3-2-2-2 (join to picot on round 1), reverse work
Chain 3, lock join to 1st picot; chain 3, lock join to 2nd picot; chain 3, lock join to 3rd picot
Chain 9, lock join to base of ring on round 1

Repeat pattern 9 times. Cut, tie, and hide ends.


  1. I love this one too I wanted to start on bubbles tonight, you seem to have the pattern writing down pat I am impressed wow👍😃❤

    1. Ha! I agonize over every one! I'm so nervous about whether or not the patterns are understandable. I do have to go back and rewrite some of my early ones. I slapped them together too quickly, and they're not understandable to new Ice Drop tatters.

  2. You are really on a roll! Designing and writing up patterns and also working! This is wonderful! I'm intrigued how the bottlecap gives the illusion of beads inside the rings! These metallic threads also seem to be easy to work with. I have yet to try them!

    1. I noticed that the bottle cap give the illusion of beads on this one in particular... bonus! The silver is nice to work with. I'm working with Antique Gold now, and it's a little rougher. The only one I really don't care for is Irridescent. It has a sticky feel, and I don't think it sparkles the way the others do.

  3. after a full day, you had time to DESIGN a pattern? Wow. It's beautiful, really beautiful!

  4. Wow can they get any better? Fab you are so clever

  5. Beautiful ice drop thank you for sharing the pattern

  6. thank you and i have a video you see this so click the button and enjoy my video Silver


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