Saturday, September 8, 2018

Good news!

The Pop Top Ice Drop pattern works with both types of bottle caps! With the flattened bottle cap, the pattern lies more to the back, and with the regular bottle cap, the pattern is toward the top of the bottle cap creating a sort of shadow box effect. I really like it!

Here are the two types of bottle caps. The top is the regular one, and the bottom is the flattened one. No, I will not be flattening bottle caps. I would just make a mess of them, and they're not expensive.

If you think of the ten back ring, front ring, chain repeats as the basic pattern, I'll bet you can think of all sorts of pattern possibilities.

I didn't paint the back with glitter nail polish as I did with the flattened bottle cap yesterday. There is a difference in the fit. I thought the regular bottle cap would be a tighter fit, but it turned out that the flattened bottle cap fit more snugly.

For those of you who like to see which shuttles I used, here's the shuttle shot!


  1. You are moving at warp speed in the Diane C. Research and Development Department! Excellent experiments and results! The shiny dome can really be seen here. The colored bottlecaps add a nice contrast to the thread!

  2. Love your patterns and this new idea.

  3. I really love these! I need to find a shop where I can buy some time to try out all these new ideas!

  4. These are quite lovely! I really love the pink/light blue combo.

  5. Yea I could see that sitting with a hammer flattening them doesn't sound like fun, I like that the pattern works with both types and I will order some cause I don't need to drink that much soda.

  6. I’m a novice tatter and now addicted to shuttle tatting, and the ice drop pattern. More please!

  7. That is great that your pattern works with both!! :)
    I see more great Pop Top Ice Drops in your future!! :)

  8. Love the bottle tops and glad it works with both,
    Could the pattern be done with a gem and less rings?


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