Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January 12 button ornament


This ornament is a mistake. It is not at all what I had envisioned, and now that it is finished, I can't remember what I had originally intended!

January 12 Button Ornament


5/8" four hole button

size 20 thread

2 shuttles wound continuous thread method


+ join

- joining picot

Round 1:

Ring 3 - 3 + 3 - 3, reverse work (join to button)

Chain 6, reverse work

*Ring 3 + 3 + 3 - 3, reverse work (join to picot on previous ring and to button)

Chain 6, reverse work**

Repeat from * to ** around, with three joins in each hole, joining final chain to base of 

first ring.

Round 2:

Ch 7, lock join to base of next ring

Repeat around, reverse work after last lock join

Round 3:

Ring 12, reverse work

Chain 18, lock join to base of ring

Chain 7, lock join to base of next ring, reverse work

Repeat around. Cut, tie, and hide ends.

To be honest, I finished designing the button ornament yesterday. Still, I already had one for the 11th, so I saved it for the 12th.

Today, I focused on using glass gems, buttons, and thread that I had in my tatting bag that I carry to school. I'm almost out of this ball of ecru thread. I may have enough left for one or two more ornaments!


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