Friday, January 29, 2021

Something new


I'm not with button ornaments or ice drops, but I am starting something new. Have you started? Do you know what it is? This is round 1 of Renulek's 2021 Spring Doily, available on her blog and in her Etsy shop. I chose to purchase the pattern so that I can work on it at my own speed. I get a bit anxious when I can't keep up the pace of following the tat-along. Purchasing the pattern makes me feel much more relaxed!

My Granny Rectangle afghan is growing! I can't believe how quickly it's working up.

I was sorting through my tatting bag and found that I had a donut that I hadn't blocked and posted. I think this is the last of this pink thread. I lost the tag, but I think it's Lizbeth Pink Parade. I guess it's time to choose another color!


  1. I started the Spring doily yesterday too. I’ll follow the rounds as given though.

  2. Wow!!! So busy!! Everything looks fabulous and I love all the colors!!! :)


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