Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Back on track

Yesterday was a tatting mess. Everything I tried tatting turned out wrong. So, everything I tatted went into the trash. Today was much better!

My at-school tatting was another bookmark. Luckily, I don't need to have 100 bookmarks until the end of October.

This afternoon, I worked on a button ornament. It took me three tries to get the correct ring size around this button. I finally settled on rings of 6-6-6-6 and chains of 6-6. I was going to use a different second round, but after doing a few rings, I knew it wasn't going to look right. I carefully un-tatted those rings and decided to use my doodle finish, one that I really like.

I saw on Facebook that someone had ordered this yarn pack, and I couldn't resist! Do I need it? No! Isn't it cute, though?


  1. It is cute! Love the button too. Now that you have the stitch count, the next one will be quicker. I'm sure October is going to creep up, so I can see why you must keep at the bookmarks.

    1. It is cute, but now that it's here I feel like it's just something else cluttering up the house. There's really very little yarn in it. I'll probably use it to inspire my two youngest granddaughters to crochet. The button is one of a kind, a gift from a tatting friend. It will stay in my collection!

  2. Another great bookmark and button ornament!! :)
    That green shuttle is the best I have seen!!! :)
    Love that yarn pack!!!!


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