Monday, March 8, 2021

Not much tatting

Not much went on in the way of tatting this weekend. Dave worked on our closet, and I slowly worked on doing some reorganization around the house. There's not a whole lot of difference yet, but I know I'll have a feeling of satisfaction once I've finished!

I did manage to tat a few rings and chains for round 9 of Renulek's Spring 2021 doily. My plan was to finish the round this weekend, but every time I sat down to tat I felt the urge to organize one more little thing.

One of the things I need to do is go through the bins of projects and supplies I have upstairs and find a new home for all of the things I know I'll never use. I started cutting up some of Dad's old shirts for a quilt I'd like to make. The rumpled pile is the shirts that have already had the buttons snipped off. I plan on using those for button ornaments. 

When I opened the bin with Dad's shirts, I found Drama Club t-shirts that I had saved to make a t-shirt quilt for daughter Carol. She has since decided that she'd like to have the t-shirts made into curtains for her classroom. We discovered that we were missing t-shirts from several of her plays. Most of the ones we were missing are in this pile!

It takes a while to cut away all of the unusable pieces of the shirts. These two stacks are ready for pressing.

I have a project basket started for the pressed pieces. Once everything is pressed, I plan on cutting out as many 8" squares as I can. Then, I'll take any good sized scraps and piece them together for additional blocks. It's good to have a plan!

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