Saturday, July 10, 2021


Today was a gardening day. Dave and I headed out early to pick up some trees, shrubs, and perennials that we had ordered, and then we headed over to daughter Carol's house for a morning of gardening. In the afternoon, the gardening took place at our house. Don't be deceived... I just watch!

While Dave worked in the garden at our house, I worked on button ornaments.

I did choose to work with a different pattern today.

However, I am still working with size 40 Lizbeth Red Burst.

What's this? A mistake? Yes, it is. I started tatting with the old pattern. I guess old habits die hard!


  1. I did smile, I watch gardening too. Different, only you know it’s a mistake. Both good patterns!

  2. Your donut ornaments, button ornaments, and Ice Drop ornaments are always fabulous!!! :)
    I am sure you will have enough for your sale. ;)
    I just found out one of our craft shows is going to be open this year, but not sure if I can get the stock together for it in such a short time. ;)


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