Thursday, July 29, 2021

Still playing with buttons


Last night I decided to give the Lychett Basket pattern another try. I did the casting before heading off to bed. Casting is covering the ring with the blanket stitch. This morning I did the slicking (pushing the bumps formed by the blanket stitch to the back), laying (wrapping the spokes around the ring), and rounding (weaving the pattern. 

Although this looks better than yesterday's attempt, it's far from being acceptable!

Since I wasn't doing very well with the Lychett Basket, I decided to set Dorset buttons aside and work on a button ornament. It's very satisfying to tat a familiar pattern!

I have a little tin that's holding the buttons, donuts, and findings that I plan on using with size 40 Lizbeth #669 Poppy Red. To make things more interesting, I just reach into the tin and pull something out. It helps keep things interesting!

I was going to try another Lychett Basket, but after three false starts I decided to make it into a Dorset Crosswheel. It looks like I need to work on my tension!


  1. Goodness, a whole new set of terminology to learn! I think you’re doing very well, perfection will come! Love the turquoise!

  2. They all look wonderful to me!! :)


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