Tuesday, July 6, 2021



Yesterday was gorgeous! We spent most of the morning on the front porch visiting with my brother and hearing all about his vacation out west. There were no bugs or mosquitoes bothering us, so we were able to just chat and enjoy the view. Dave is on vacation this week, and he has been working hard to spruce up the gardens. He has a knack for making our home look nice!

The afternoon was very warm, and the bugs started coming out. Mom and I retreated indoors, and we each took a nap. I was feeling very lazy, so I only managed to tat one button ornament yesterday. I really need to make more than one ornament a day if I want to have a nice supply for Christmas in the Village. I'll have to see if I can make at least three today.

It didn't help that I allowed myself to be distracted by a knitting project. When I was sorting through my craft supplies, I found this Fiddlehead Scarf from Knitspot that I had started years ago. I love knitting scarves, and I decided that it's about time I finished this one!

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