Friday, July 30, 2021


I started my day with another Dorset Crosswheel. I feel like I get a little better with each one I make!

I felt it needed a little embellishment, so I added a round of tatting.

I wasn't content until I had turned it into a December 8 button ornament. I love the way it looks!

After several false starts, I finally have a Lychett Basket button that I like. It's not perfect yet, but it is greatly improved!

It seemed appropriate that I end the day with a donut ornament. 

Tomorrow is our Tollway Tatters Zoom meeting. I won't be able to attend for the full time since it's the last day of Joanne's visit. I am looking forward to meeting up with tatting friends, even if it is for just a little while!


  1. Oh wow, clever you, love the Dorset button with tatting around it, perfect!

    1. Thanks, Jane! I've been thinking of using Dorset buttons for quite a while, but I wasn't inspired to actually make one until I saw Wally Sosa's version. Sometimes I just need something to boost my interest!

  2. I agree with Jane!!! 👍❤

  3. Love your Dorset buttons, and the tatting with them makes them even more speical

  4. I love your Dorset button ornaments!!!!!!!! :)

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