Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Screen shot


I updated my computer this weekend, and with the update came a desktop picture that I didn't really like. I was going through the photos on my computer and found one of my Jan Stawasz doily from 2015. I love it as my desktop background.

The fun part came the next morning when I opened my computer. There was my profile picture right in the center of my doily! That photo is from the summer of 2009, so I should probably look for a new one.

We've been having some beautiful sunrises and sunsets lately. Mom asked me to take a picture this morning. I sure wish I could capture the true beauty that we've been seeing.

I've been working on my Reyna shawl. I have three sections left to finish. With some luck, I may be able to finish it this week!


  1. Love the desktop picture and it's pretty neat that your picture is almost perfectly centered in the doily! ;)
    Great sunrise picture!! :) I wish I could capture the true beauty of the sunsets we have been having. I have lots and lots of pictures, but they really don't even come close!!!
    Great work on your shawl! :)

  2. Splendid picture to have on your desktop. Love the colours in your shawl.

  3. Beautiful,beautiful doily! Love it as your desktop's pic! Nice shawl! Wonderful sunrise 💕

  4. Neato desktop background! Such an exquisite doily!

  5. I think your doily makes a wonderful desktop picture for your computer,
    I agree with your Mum thats a beautiful scene from your garden, well done on taking a lovely picture of it


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