Saturday, January 29, 2022

Tollway Tatters Zoom!


We had our monthly Tollway Tatters Zoom meeting today with nine in attendance. I do miss meeting on the Tollway, but meeting via Zoom means that anyone can join us without worrying about weather or traveling.

My project for today was going to be Robin Perfetti's Classic Heart. However, after about 45 minutes of tatting I realized I hadn't been joining the rings to create a curve. I guess I was having too much fun visiting! Anyway, I quietly snipped off my tatting and decided to work on some button ornaments instead. I'm pretty good at tatting them while chatting!

This afternoon I worked on my newest knitting project, Pebble Arch Shawl by Karen Hoyle. Mom and I found some Christmas sock yarn on sale at Mary Maxim and decided that we should start next year's Christmas knitting now. This color way is called Candy Cane. Mom started Reyna with Mistletoe Sparkle, which is really pretty. However, it has a metallic thread running through it, and that metallic thread was cutting Mom's fingers. The combination of cold, dry air and metallic thread was just too much for Mom. She'll be starting Reyna over again with a beautiful wool that she bought at our local yarn shop, Yarn Hollow. Mom's a pretty fast knitter, so maybe I'll have a picture to share the next time I blog.

Weather predictions are for a snow storm in the middle of the week. We really haven't had much snow this year. I don't get all wound up about storm predictions. It seems they're usually wrong. Still, we are prepared. There's food in the house. Dave has the snowblower ready, and Mom and I have plenty of crafting supplies!


  1. How wonderful to meet, even if it’s on zoom. Yes, got to choose something easy for tatting while chatting! I wonder how comfortable the metallic yarn would be to wear, if it’s not comfortable to knit?

  2. Lovely buttons,
    We saw on our news today about a snow storm in the US, no idea if thats near you, glad you have plenty of food and can craft if nothing else, take care and stay safe

    1. The storm this weekend hit the east coast. We're south of Chicago in the north central part of the U.S.

  3. More great button ornaments and another great shawl!! :)
    We are supposed to get that storm too(supposedly). ;)


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