Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Still chillin'


Our current cold snap is perfect for working on daughter Carol's 12 Step Sampler Blanket. I've now completed two sections, which means I've been crocheting at a pretty good pace.

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, but windy. So, it still might be cool enough to keep a blanket on my lap. Thursday and Friday are supposed to be very cold, so I expect to get a lot done this week.

Daughter Joanne sent a picture of herself wearing her new scarf. I think the colors are fabulous!


  1. You certainly are crocheting at a great rate!

  2. That looks an interesting project which would keep me interested because of all the variations. Warm too!!

    1. I started one in white a couple of years ago, but quickly lost interest. Using different colors and different stitches does help keep me going!

  3. Too bad tatting doesn't keep up warm!! ;)
    Great progress on the blanket!! :)
    Her scarf is fabulous!!! :)


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