Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear Fox...

You just had to dare me, didn't you? Well, guess what...

I did it! I used size 20 Lizbeth, seed beads that looked blue at 6 this morning, but lavender at noon, and a doodad center, of course! The pattern is motif #1 from Minitats by Patti Duff.

I chose to work on it today, because I knew I'd have moral support... Tollway Tatters!

We had lots of fun sharing, tatting, and chatting. Granddaughter Eva acted as my photographer...

however, I took a picture of her so that we could get just the right angle!

Eva worked on her chains today. She's not quite ready for rings... maybe over Christmas break!

Daughter Alison...

worked on the same Minitats motif that I worked on...

without the doodad or beads. I think she did a great job!

Denise was glad to have a day to relax and tat with friends.

She worked on a doodad snowflake... sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the finished piece. It didn't turn out quite the way she expected, but it was very pretty!

Dear, sweet Sue Anna arrived with gifts in tow... a new Aerlit shuttle for each of us!

Sue Anna's tatting is so beautiful! I hope to tat as well as her some day! Sue Anna also shared pictures from her bobbin lace retreat in October. I was supposed to attend, but had to back out, because the middle school play was moved to that weekend. I hope to go next time!

Carol got tangled in construction traffic and arrived later than she wanted, but all was good!

She showed us a beautiful bell that she had tatted, and... lucky me... she showed me an alternate method of tatting split rings that I can do! She also gifted each of us with a new Aerlit shuttle with extra bobbins.

Marilee forgot to wear her tie dye t-shirt, but we didn't mind... she had gorgeous tatted jewelry that coordinated beautifully with her outfit!

Marilee was doing some experimental tatting, which looked fabulous, of course! Marilee gave us each a wonderful woven dish cloth filled with... chocolate! To top it off, she brought along some of her luscious threads for us to purchase. She is our favorite vendor!

Barbara was full of smiles and fun stories, as always! She showed us some beautiful bobbin lace that she made on the retreat in October. She's always so gracious... a real joy to be around!

Barbara was working with a metallic thread that kept breaking on her. With her great positive attitude, she was able to laugh about it. I think I would have chucked the thread and used something else, but Barbara kept on trying!

All in all, it was a fantastic day!

So, dear Fox, thank you for the challenge, and know that even though you were not with us in person, you were my inspiration for the day!

Note to self: for the next Tollway Tatters meeting, do not have Saturday hair!


  1. Oh my, that looks fun! I'm so envious!

    That snowflake is stunning!

  2. Stunning it certainly is!

    You have met the challenge with perfection, my tatting friend!

    This is really pretty, Diane. You have done well. Kudos!

    It pleases me no end that I was your inspiration for this fun-filled afternoon. Thank you. : ))

  3. Very beautiful day!
    Lovely snowflake!

  4. Well done for using beads! Glad that the Tollway tatters could give you the support you needed to take that step. Split rings too, you'll really be stepping out!

  5. Looks like you had a beautiful day, I am envious, there are no groups here in my country. It must be lovely to meet and tat.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos

  6. Great job on meeting the challenge, the snowflake looks wonderful! It looks like you had a fun day with the Tollway Tatters. Thanks for sharing some of it with us.

  7. Always a fun time when we all get together, isn't it?!

  8. Do I recall that you 'feared' using beads? You certainly overcame it! What a beautiful motif! Did you pre-load the beads or work them in as you tatted? I'm just now starting to use seed beads, and I prefer to tat them in as I go. I find it tricky to tat with beads already on the thread!

    Glad you had a great time with the Tollway group! It's so nice to see that your granddaughter is continuing her interest!

  9. I missed out on the dare but I really like your beaded doodad ornament - it really IS very pretty!

  10. I am so excited I can't wait! Looking forward to the buttons :X

  11. I absolutely love the seed bead challange with the tiny blue beads, that is really really pretty, very delicate :)!

  12. Great group of tatters all sharing and caring. Daughter and granddaughter are adorable and doing very well. Your beaded challenge is gorgeous! Terrific Tatting Dear...

  13. I would love to meet with you all someday! It is fun to be around other tatters

  14. Your snowflake is amazing!!! :)
    Love all the tatted pieces shown!!! Sure missed you all and hope to get another chance to join you!!
    I was busy cooking all day for our church Thanksgiving dinner. I started cooking at 7am and didn't get finished till after 5pm. It was a busy day!! But totally worth it yesterday!! We had 29 people(lots of visitors since we usually have around 13).
    Look like you all had a fabulous time!!! :)

  15. Love your snowflake! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  16. J'aime votre flocon aussi dans cette couleur et comme vous avez de la chance de pouvoir vous réunir entre frivoleuses !!

  17. Dear Diana;
    Please pass on this message to all the toll-way-tatters for me?
    I got the card and Cross yesterday, Thank You everyone for the kind words and the thoughts and Prayers.


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