Friday, November 9, 2012

Which shuttle did I choose?

Why, the blue of course!

...Caribbean Sky to be precise. I tatted up another pendant in size 20 Lizbeth, Purple Dk #633 so that I could evaluate my newest purchase. I give this pretty little shuttle 5 stars. First, I love each and every color. I'm glad I have one of each. Second, I love the fact that the bobbin actually fits on the end of the shuttle. It made winding so much easier. Third, I love the clickety click click click as the bobbin moves. It's a little stiff, but I don't mind. To me, that's an indication that it will last for a long time!

I finished another Azalea Med Doodad Snowflake last night... two more to go, and I'll have a set of six. It seems to me that since snowflakes have six points, each set should have six snowflakes. What color should I use next? Just thinking ahead! ;-)


  1. thanks for the shuttle review. I checked the tracking and mine will be here tomorrow.
    your snowflakes look pretty in colors.
    I'm busy making snowflakes too. if I get them all done, I need about 4 doz.

  2. I am busy with snowflakes and fluffy angels at the moment. I do get fed up with white at the moment, Not sure if anyone would buy another colour.

    Thank for the review on the new shuttles.

  3. With colourful shuttles and colourful snowflakes, you're brightening the world! Glad you're pleased with your new purchase.

  4. I'm glad to hear you like the Aerlit shuttle - mine should arrive today! I'm not sure how I will feel about that end that the bobbin fits on however - I'm so used to my LaCossette "modified" shuttles.

    Love your snowflakes - in any color :)

  5. Thanks for the review of the shuttle! I'm so amazed that this was accomplished by Barbara Foster and her perseverance in finding a company that could duplicate the quality of the England Aero. I am glad to hear that the tail does actually hold the bobbin for winding! That was the purpose of it! Of course I knew you would pick the blue one to use first!

  6. I knew you'd select the blue shuttle first! My set came in yesterday's mail. They are so pretty - i havent had the time to 'play' with them.

    i want to get out yarnplayer's unfolded hearts pattern and give it a try.

  7. You picked the blue??! I'm shocked! LOL!
    nice snowflakes you're making. I have to get busy with soon real soon!

  8. You picked the blue??! I'm shocked! LOL!
    nice snowflakes you're making. I have to get busy with some real soon!

  9. Your snowflakes are both pretty!! :)
    And if you are looking for a color suggestion....what about a blue??

  10. Yellow! Do yellow! or light blue...or.....No matter what the color, your tatting will be beautiful!

  11. Lovely!

    How cool that you got all of the colours... I traded for one, and it was hard to choose!

    By the way - I commented on an old post, but I thought I would let you know here too: I finally posted my doodad double dare entry! Hop over to my blog to see, I am very happy with it! Thanks so much for the game!


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