Sunday, November 11, 2012

Five down, one to go!

Here it is... the fifth of my six pink snowflakes!

size 20 Lizbeth, Azalea Med #620


  1. Lovely. I like the swirly hook at the top.

  2. Love all the different colors you have turned into fabulous snowflakes!! :)

  3. About Tollway Tatters.....
    Hi Diane(again), it looks like we have to cancel this trip. Cheryl's dad is real bad and hospice is in. She is really struggling and doesn't feel like she could handle being away right now.
    We sure are going to miss all our new friends, but we will pray for an awesome time for you all, and prayerfully there will be another time with good weather. Thanks so much for including us!!! :)
    Have a great time and please tell everyone hello from both Cheryl and me! :) Thanks, Sue

  4. I am just amazed at how fast you can tat and turn out such wonderful things!

  5. You sure have tatted up a blizzard of pretty snowflakes! Wow!!!


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