Monday, March 3, 2014

A most eventful weekend

This weekend was the high school performance of The Music Man. I know I'm a bit prejudiced because my daughter is the director, but it was fabulous!

The cast of 50, including some middle school students, were outstanding. I watched the movie this morning (we had the day off for Casimir Pulaski Day), and when the movie was over, I realized just how wonderful a job they all did!

Can you tell I'm proud of my daughter?

I did spend some time tatting today, using up Flora thread on my shuttles. Patti Duff's Minitats is a great source for motifs that don't require a lot of thread.

I finally tatted Motif #3 correctly. All I needed to do was turn off the t.v. so that I switched shuttles instead of reversing my work at the proper spot!

Motif #5 gave me practice with the shoelace trick. Most of the time I prefer using two shuttles to using the shoelace trick, but I think it worked out nicely this time!

Motif #6 is very simple, yet I somehow manage to mess up the final two joins and have to unpick my work every time I make it.

I had eleven 4th graders ask me to teach them to tat on Thursday! This is going to be an exciting week!


  1. Lovely picture of you with your daughter! - mine is a music teacher and always involved with school productions, so I understand completely how very proud you are of her - it shows in the photo.

  2. You have a right to be prejudiced when it's your daughter!! :)
    Love the sweet minitats!!! :) Especially the flower like one at the bottom!! :)

  3. I have always been fascinated with your daughter's accomplishments! Music teachers are very high on my list of professions that I admire. My music teachers had a profound influence on me and I have never forgotten them! You have very right to be proud! Music Man is one of my favorites - wonderful songs and lots of humorous moments.

    And your tatting influence keeps rolling right along. Who
    knows where all of this will

  4. Your motifs are so pretty and will they go to your tatting kids.
    Your daughter sounds very clever and to put on the while show, it looks by the photo to have been a great show.
    Some more kids how many do you have now?
    For your class to be growing shows you are a great tatting teacher.

  5. That's a big cast - well done to your daughter. The mini tats are sweet, does sound like a good way to use shorter lengths of thread. More tatters? Hooray.

  6. You have the right to be proud of your daughter!
    Lovely motifs|

  7. Proud Mama of talented daughter and you both look so happy. Love your tatting thread bits. Totally Tatting...

  8. Hi Diane, Your little motifs are so, so pretty...and your daughter is so beautiful! I love the picture of the two of you together. xoxo


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