Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sharing the love

Fox very kindly sent some Lizbeth Twirlz for my student tatters. They were so excited! I imagine there are several of my students tatting away tonight with the hopes of exchanging their empty thread bobbins for one wound with #401 Candy Hearts or #404 Mermaid Lagoon. Aren't they pretty colors?

The kids are fascinated by the Twirlz threads. Candy Hearts is a twist of Azalea Med, Pink Med, and Poppy Read. Mermaid Lagoon twists Apple Green, Royal Blue, and Lime Green. The colors are really very pretty.

Emma was trying to tat Fancy Pants, but instead tatted a beautiful length of Josephine chain!

Shelby tatted some more Fancy Pants, and one of the other girls held the coil together, giving them an idea of how the 3D acorn sent by Stephanie was tatted.

I've started round 3 of Labor no. 10 from Frivolite 1 Creaciones Artime. This round is going to take a while. It's a variation of the first round, so the pattern repeat is very easy to remember.

We have another chance of snow tonight. Predictions have been anywhere from two inches to sixteen. The latest I heard was four to eight with a good chance of blowing and drifting. I'm reminded of that old saying... the snow must go on! Or was that show? ;-)


  1. They are really into fancy pants, they are really into their tatting and tatters for the future, I don't think it will die out very quickly in your part of the world.
    Your doily is looking lovely so far.
    I hope your spring comes soon, our spring is already here but there are lstill parts of Somerset levels that are still deep in water.

  2. Love the look of your new doily!!! :)
    We have the snow here. I had to remind myself that it's March in Michigan yet!! :)


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