Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring break

We're on spring break this week, which means a whole week without my little tatting buddies. That's okay, because I have another little buddy to keep me company in the meantime.

We were on shortened schedule on Friday, so I didn't get to spend much time with my tatters. We had a very busy weekend, so I've forgotten who this is. Obviously, this little tatter has been working on a chain with picots pattern!

We traveled to Minnesota on Saturday, a nine and a half hour drive. We celebrated granddaughter Sophia's first birthday a little early. Auntie Andrea and cousins Ella and Lily joined in the fun.

Sunday was Sophia's baptism. Doesn't she look like a little princess?

She was so well behaved. It was like she understood the importance of the occasion!

We made the long drive home on Sunday. It was a trip well worth making!

I finally finished round 3 of Labor no. 10. I really thought I'd get a lot of tatting done on the drive, but it didn't happen. I knew that if I tried to tat or read that the trip would not be pleasant. It just happens that way sometimes!

It was good to have a goal today, because I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of...

Sophia! Of course her mom came along with her. I wasn't able to get a good picture, because she is such an active little girl. They're staying for the whole week!

Going to the mailbox today made me wish I was in elementary school learning how to tat, because a lovely box of goodies for the kids came from Marty!

I love her little hearts! I'm sure the kids will be thrilled with them!

Marty also sent some of her blinged shuttles for the kids. They are so cool! If I didn't already own some of Marty's beautiful creations, I'd be tempted to swipe a few of these for myself! ;-)

I think it's going to be great fun to return to school next week!


  1. Sophie did look very sweet in her white dress. Sometimes they surprise you with their behavior, don't they? And you get to have her over for the whole week? Lucky you!
    Oh, my, I do believe your little tatters at school will be thrilled with all the pretty new things you got in the mail. Now you're all ready for a new batch of tatters, right?

  2. Lots of beautiful ladies!!! :)
    Looks like you will have lots more tatting showing up when they see all those wonderful hearts and shuttles!!! :)

  3. Dear Marty is so generous!! The new young tatters will be over the moon!
    I so love hearing of your adventures with your students.
    Adventures with Sophie will be mighty grand, too, I bet!
    Katie V in NC

  4. You truly make my head spin! Teaching full time plus the tatting activities, which keep expanding! And then two nine-hour drives in two days! And the excitement of the baptism and birthday party! Glad you got some rest in the car!

    So glad you're getting a break and a special visit this week! Then more fun next week when you bring those wonderful goodies from Marty! And yet you finished round 3. It already looks
    complete to me!

  5. I love those fractal shuttles!
    Those students will has a great return from break.

  6. That gorgeous baby has the most wonderful big brown eyes! - and is that tatting on her dress?

  7. Wonderful to be able to go to Sophia's baptism and bring her (and her mum!) back with you. Enjoy the time with them.

  8. Sophia looks beautiful in her lovely dress, is that a tatted edging around the hem?
    Your doily is looking lovely, I like the colour.
    I am glad you had a lovely time with the family.
    Marty was so kind and they look beautiful hearts.
    My bits I was going to tat for the kids may have to wait for a while, but I will do some for them once it's all over.

  9. Sophie looks a treat in her baptismal dress -- is that crochet or tatted edging? Your "labor" is looking very fine. I started Renulek's Spring doily last night -- three times! Perhaps I should just practice some Fancy Pants.

  10. So nice, the generosity of the tatting community is wonderful to see. If I had more motifs I would definitely send some. In the future, yes?

    Your Sophie is wonderful, and cute sisters too! What a nice break you are having.

  11. Your young tatters will be very excited once Spring Break is over finding Marty's wonderful goodies awaiting!
    Sophie is adorable! Enjoy your week!

  12. Sophie is a star! Lovely tatting and marty so generous ; )

    Enjoy the day

  13. Dear LLL, your warmed up my heart and put a smile on my face. Thank you for the things that you do and sharing them with us. Yes, Sophia looked like a princess, and your pupils are great.


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