Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shuttle fun

I've lost track again. Why? The library was a busy place today. Our new order of shuttles from Handy Hands came in, and the kids were very excited to go shopping. They can now choose from Starlit, Sunlit, and Moonlit shuttles. With so much shopping fun going on, I didn't pay close attention to who finished tatting pieces. I'm very sorry, girls!

So, all I remember is that this is a very long chain of Fancy Pants, and that this lucky little lady chose a snowflake as her prize. Could this be Dylan?

Some of the kids are fascinated by Josephine chains, especially since I told them it is an advanced technique. This little sweetheart chose a tatted egg. Is this possibly Peyton? I think I need to start taking notes when the kids are in the library!

At home, I'm working on the next round of my Russian doily. This round is very loose because of its long chains and clovers, but it will all come together in the next two rounds. I think this one is going to be stunning!


  1. glad to see every one doing so well and I wondered if that book was any good looks like I may wont to try it your doily is nice looking!

  2. Those very long strings of chains are amazing to me!!! :) The kids are doing awesome!!! :)
    Your doily is looking beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished design!! :)

  3. Wow the kids are really tatting so nicely and learning so much. I spy that little red shuttle purse and I love it. Your Russian doily is looking amazing. Creative Tatting Bliss Dear...

  4. The kids are doing some wonderful fancy pants, I hope they enjoy their new shuttles
    Your doily is looking lovely and a beautiful colour

  5. Fab look to the Russian doily. Yay to the 'younguns'.


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