Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Paige has finished her first two motifs! They're simple rings and chains, but she's very proud of her accomplishment, as she should be! As her prize, she chose one of LaCossette's beautiful shuttles. You should have seen the kids trying to help her choose the perfect shuttle!

I knew I'd forget, but I know the kids will remind me of who tatted this beautiful length of chain, and chose a bookmark as her prize.

Third and fifth graders swarmed the library after lunch today. It's so much fun to see them helping each other out, and it's amazing to me that they spend their precious 10 minutes of recess time practicing tatting!

Karl finished another length of chain and chose this tatted lion as his prize.

Madison is also enjoying tatting lengths of chain. She chose a tatted necklace as her prize.

My next project is from this book. I don't speak or read Russian, but it doesn't matter. This book has wonderful diagrams!

This is the first round of the doily found on page 53. The thread is Lizbeth Victorian Red, #670, size 20. The color doesn't show up well in this photo, but it is a beautiful deep red.

Tomorrow will be another fun day... more shuttles arrived from Handy Hands!


  1. I love seeing the kids tatting work and what they select as their reward. I believe they will be tatters for their entire lives. What a wonderful tatting life it will be. I know because I am missing knowing how to tat! I never learned like these wonderful children are doing. Blissful Tatting...

  2. It is so inspiring to hear how excited the kids are about tatting. Paige should be very proud, her motifs look wonderful! *clap!clap!clap!*
    I love using that Victorian Red as well, actually better than the plain red.

  3. Congratulations to Paige on her first motifs!! They look wonderful!! :)
    It's so great to see them continue to progress in their tatting journeys!!! :)
    The start of your doily looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the beautiful finished piece!!! :)

  4. You are a wonderful inspiration. These kids and their tatting are just fabulous!

  5. Well done Paige! The book looks interesting.

  6. Gosh I see future tatters coming up, will Pagie be a name we will hear in the future? I think you are doing such a wonderful job in teaching them. Enjoy reading these posts

  7. I can't believe how the whole school is tatting, what a wonderful school to encourage the kids doing a craft that could be with them for a lifetime.
    Lovely motif I look forward to seeing how you progress with the pattern

  8. I am looking forward to read Paige's tatting blog in a couple of years! You are a wonderful and inspiring teacher, Diane!

  9. It's great to see the young tatters' progress as they have fun learning to tat. Way to go!

  10. Wow tell Paige congrats on her motifs!


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