Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another exciting day!

We had a lot of excitement at school today! First, I was able to tell the kids that more goodies came in the mail. That's right... more goodies! I was so surprised to seen an envelope filled with gorgeous tatting from Stephanie. The kids were awestruck! I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful pieces, but as the kids earn them, you'll be able to see just how generous my tatting friends have been!

Alicia has been working hard on her Fancy Pants, and she was excited to earn a Stumpy bookmark!

Shelby was the first to choose from the new pieces from Stephanie. She's been working on her picots, influenced by Paige. She fell in love with this giraffe!

Several of the 4th graders stopped by to see me after lunch, and they were very excited to start putting their tatting packets together. Today they wound thread on floss bobbins. Tomorrow they'll wind thread on their shuttles. I wish I could share with all of you just how much fun this is!

I received an email from Handy Hands today... the new Moonlit shuttles are available! Yes, I did order a set. I can hardly wait! I also ordered a Japanese tatting book, enabled by Fox. We are a very good/poor influence on each other, depending on your point of view!


  1. I am just so grateful for you teaching tatting to these young students. Carrying on traditions I never learned...Blissful.

  2. Yessss! I am so very, very proud to be your enabler!
    Fox : ))

  3. Excitement jumps from the screen!

  4. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was in school. That library must be the most popular spot in the school! xoxo

  5. They seem to be getting close to tatting small projects. Can't wait to see all the amazing things they tat!!! :)

  6. Your kids are wonderful, a great teacher proves how brilliant they are learning.

  7. Kids want to learn when it's so fun! Thanks for enabling a new generation!


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