Thursday, March 6, 2014

Am I blue?

Absolutely not! I received my order from Handy Hands today, and I am over the moon!

I ordered the Japanese book on Fox's recommendation, and I love it! I wish I could read Japanese. The Spanish book is one that I've been wanting for a while, because I love the doily on the cover. I'm grateful that both books have wonderful diagrams.

My new Moonlit shuttles arrived... yes, I order the pack of one of each color, but please notice that I did choose the Sapphire Gem to try out! I'm using Lizbeth Twirlz, Winter Ice, and I'm tatting the bookmark on the back of the shuttle package.

My assessment of the shuttle... it's just what I've been looking for! They're post shuttles, which is what I learned on and therefore favor. They're inexpensive, only $3.25 each. They have a hook embedded in the end, which is a real time saver. They're about the same size as the new large Clover shuttles, so they hold a nice amount of thread. The colors are really pretty. Overall, I am quite impressed!

I told myself I wasn't going to forget who tatted what. I was wrong. I do know that each and every child who has earned a prize from the treasure tins has been working very hard to achieve their goals, and that makes each and every child extra special!

I'm pretty sure this is Paige. She's been tatting Fancy Pants like crazy. One piece we measured today was longer than I am tall! I'm 5' 4".

I think this is Shelby. The kids seem to love the way Fancy Pants curls when they make an extra long length.

I am at a total loss. I remember helping to look for the tatted cats. I remember looking at the tatting and giving tips for improvement, but I just can't remember who this is. I guess I'm going to have to make myself a shuttle cheat sheet so that I can remember each of the kids!

My tatting group is growing! Two more 5th graders came in today and asked to learn, and when Mrs. J's 4th grade came in, all but one student started winding thread on floss bobbins and shuttles! This tatting craze at school has definitely taken on a life of its own!


  1. Can't wait to see the beautiful blue projects that come from those books! :)
    Love seeing the progress of the new tatters and can't wait to see all the different projects they start tatting when further along!! :)

  2. pretty soon the school will have to give you a class time.

  3. Exciting parcel! Sounds as though you really started one of those school crazes. 882589 36

  4. Such enthusiasm for tatting and even if your students do not carry on with the craft now they will certainly pick it up in the future. I bought the Japenese book whilst with Val in Singapore and it does have some interesting patterns, have fun

  5. Wow!! Just love hearing so many children wanting to learn to tat!!! I was in my local JoAnn's store getting some fabric to make myself a small tatting tote and as always the lady who cut my material asked me what I was making. I told her and her first response was "oh! tatting is a dying art" I quickly informed her that no it is not as I knew many tatters who are quite alive and well and that even one of them is teaching a whole lot of children to tat :) tehehehe I look forward to seeing what you tat from your two new books!

  6. Looks two lovely books, I look forward to seeing what you tat,
    Your school is going to be a tatting paradise I think you will a tatting teacher full time soon

  7. You are doing amazing work with these children! Great! what are fabcy pants?


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