Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Keeping it simple?

Round 4 of Labor no. 10 is really very simple, yet I managed to mess it up! I was half way around the doily when I realized something was very wrong...

After the first pattern repeat, I totally messed up the pattern. Luckily, I had my scissors handy, and I made quick work of snipping out my mistake. I started again, but I was distracted by the mail lady.

Look at what arrived! These lovely little shuttles are available through Karen Cabrera. I love wood shuttles! The warmth of the wood in my hands really appeals to me.

I also received my newest Handi-wind shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts. Dave is my absolute favorite shuttle maker, and I love the cleverness of his newest shuttles!

The handles twist off for tatting, and there's a little ring at the top of the handle so that it can be worn on a ribbon or chain when not in use.

It's a rainy here today, so I expect to be able to tat quite a bit, even with grandchildren around! ;-)


  1. Hopefully you won't have any problems while re-tatting the round!! :)
    Nice new shuttles there! :)
    Have fun with the grandkids!! :)
    Spring break here isn't usually till the first week in April so I might see mine then. :)

  2. Beautiful wooden shuttles! Shame about the mistake though.

  3. Enjoy your Spring Break. I hear we may have 50-60 degrees on Friday - some rain, but sounds warmer

    Lovely shuttles - enjoy your re-tat, the project is lovely.

  4. You have the most amazing and beautiful collection of shuttles. Tatting Shuttle Bliss...

  5. Those shuttles are beauties! It's a good thing my carpal tunnel does not allow for me to shuttle tat-- I'd have a shuttle addiction for sure.......


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